Quote from Nic Knight Management:

'This is the first showcase of Nic Knight Management talents ever, and the first large scale Anna Scher showcase for well over a decade. We have been working together raising the profile of AST and finding top clients for NKM since 2007. Nic, Anna and Charles Verrall have attended all the top showcases (and some of the less well known) from Guildhall, Rada, Central etc for the last 7 years and we are confident that our showcase will exceed your expectations, with a better range of actors (both in terms of age and demographics) and a collection of diverse mixture of monologues and duologues (not the pieces that we see year after year as industry experts) that will entertain and impress you thoroughly.'

All photo orders from this event come with a free social media resolution download. You can also order the downloads on their own for only £4.00 per picture.

The photographic products listed are only a small fraction of what is possible. If you have a specific requirement for a framed print, canvas or any other photographic product (yes, we can do keyrings, fridge magnets and mugs!) please contact mail@myeyestudio.co.uk and we'll get back to you with options and pricing.
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